The most common causes of pipe plugs in Ingolstadt

Pipe cleaning in Ingolstadt, as well as elsewhere, is a frequent and annoying matter. You can occur in every household and range from easy -to -resistant problems to serious wastewater disorders. It is important to understand which factors can lead to pipe deflections in order to prevent them. In this article, we will take a closer look at the most common causes of pipe deflections in Ingolstadt.

  1. Disposal of fat and oil: One of the most common causes of pipe deflections are deposits of fat and oil that arise from rinsing in the kitchen sink or in the drain. These substances harden over time and form a layer that hinders the water flow.
  2. Hair and soap residues: In the bathroom, hair and soap residues in showers and sinks can lead to constipation. Hair gets tangled easily in the pipes and soap remains can be deposited and hardened.
  3. Removing food and food waste: The improper disposal of leftovers and food waste in the sink can lead to pipe plugs. These remains can accumulate in the pipes over time and block the flow.
  4. Toilet paper and hygiene articles: Use toilet paper that is suitable for disposal in toilets. Rinse down hygiene items, wet wipes, or other objects that can cause blockages in the wastewater pipes.
  5. Rootin growth: In some cases, the roots of trees and shrubs can penetrate the pipes and block them. This is a common problem in older houses or in areas with many trees.
  6. Construction defects: Errors when laying the pipe or defective pipes can also lead to constipation. Cracks, leaks, or shifts in the pipes can hinder the proper water flow.
  7. Mineral deposits: In areas with hard water, mineral deposits can occur in the pipes and impair the flow. These deposits can accumulate over time and narrow the pipes.


The most common causes of pipe deflections in Ingolstadt are often due to improper behavior, lack of maintenance, and environmental factors. It is important to be aware of these potential problems and take preventive measures to prevent constipation. If constipation occurs, it is advisable to use professional pipe cleaning services in order to fix the problem effectively and permanently. The timely identification and elimination of constipation can prevent expensive repairs and serious wastewater problems.

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